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Welcome to ShackCamp,
ShackCamp is a judgement free, motivating & supportive group fitness class. Where the main goal is to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.  We focus on proper form, High Intensity Interval Training, muscle focus training, core/ab workouts, etc..


  • Tiffany Phillips

    I have been working with Shackfitness for at least 3 years and when I need to meet a certain goal 🤞🏾 He is the man love it.

  • De Andria

    Shack camp is awesome! I feel pushed and motivated and I can also bring my kid. He is knowledgeable about what works for each individual and the best part, it’s free! If you haven’t been check it out.

  • Jasmine Adams

    My experience with Shack Camp has been great! I know I’ll get a great workout in and best part is it’s FREE! I love that he pushes us to our full potential, never lets us slack. The workouts are good for all levels and I’ve seen great results.

  • Shacolia

    Everything about his amazing! I love how he encourages you to keep going when you want to give up. His work ethic and dedication is crazy he has the magic you jus thane to make it happen I worked with him a his boot camp and one on ones and my results were amazing!

  • Bronta woods

    Shack camp is theee best ever!!!

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