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Welcome to ShackCamp,
ShackCamp is a judgement free, motivating & supportive group fitness class. Where the main goal is to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.  We focus on proper form, High Intensity Interval Training, muscle focus training, core/ab workouts, etc..


  • Shairy Brown

    Shack is literally the best trainer ever! I started working out with him 2 years ago and he made me feel comfortable and held me accountable. Shack makes sure that you stay on track and checks on you constantly. He pushed me to limits I didn’t even know existed, and let’s not forget he makes videos so that you can also track your progress. I fell off sooooooooooooo many times but I know he’s always one text away when I need motivation to get back to it. Thank you Shack!!!

  • Tiffany

    Been in this fitness game with Shack for about 7 years now!! I’ve toned, lost weight, gain muscles and lost it. Love how he’s willing to tell u your flows and all. Being consistent is key. Following a strict diet and meal plan with his workouts and camp you are for sure to see results. Thanks for always helping me.

  • Lyrik Floyd

    I think I speak for most women when I say it’s so hard finding a trainer your COMFORTABLE with! Right away working with Shack he not only pushed me to my full potential, he made me comfortable working with him. In 2020 I started dealing with High Blood Pressure (and other health issues) after having my son and when I started back working out he made sure he paced me very well during workouts and actually paid attention to my body and what it needed in the moment. I never been with a trainer that actually takes the time to want to know your health history before beginning workouts. When I would miss sessions he made sure to always send encouraging words and reminding me of why getting back to taking care of me and my body was so important. And not to mention he was very flexible which was important to me as a single mother trying to figure out how I could fit in working out. I highly recommend ShackFitness if you’re ready to maintain a healthier lifestyle, have a comfortable training experience, actually SEE results from your hard work, and need an extra push. 💪🏾

  • Kayla Lewis Allen

    I started training with Shack in 2015/2016 and he really helped me jump start my fitness journey. It was not only about the workouts but he took the time out to learn more about my body goals and crafted a meal plan that allowed me to stay focused. He truly took the guess work out of it and laid it all out for me. Even when I moved away from Milwaukee I was able to take what I learned and continue it… now it ain’t the sameeee but it’ll do! I appreciate the program.

  • DeAnna

    A great place to workout and not feel embarrassed! Everyone is on different levels but all moving together! I love how shack is so encouraging and keeps the clsss fun!

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